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MedSelfEd, Inc. of Boston, Massachusetts produces and markets patient education materials in rich-media, streaming-content formats and delivers them via an interactive web site, video players and other media platforms. Combining detailed medical illustration, animation, mass-audience-targeted text and clear narration, MedSelfEd materials display the highest production quality and content of all available patient education materials. Some of the premier hospital information networks in Boston feature MSE materials.

In addition to broadcast production quality, the MedSelfEd has differentiated itself from competing, largely text-based and encyclopedic, content providers in three important ways. First, by producing materials that engage the attention of average health consumers with media rich content, that teaches at the audience level and effectively educates. Second, MedSelfEd’s proprietary technology enables it to deliver these materials customized for individual clients, such as doctors, hospitals and medical plans, and personalized for
individual patients. Third, MedSelfEd’s extensive production experience and network enable the Company to produce these high-quality products at remarkably low cost.

The PreOp® Surgery Centers and The PostCare™ Discharge Series, 80+ videos are a production collaboration of the Boston Teaching Hospitals’ finest, supervised and reviewed by leaders in the healthcare industry, artwork by certified medical illustrators and researched and written by our world-class PBS Nova producer, writer and director.

“One License for All” embodies our fundamental principle, that facilitators be empowered with content to educate patients and their families in their preferred mode of learning. Content is managed under our, “one license for all” formats, websites, social networks and feeds (RSS, MRSS, API). Content is served utilizing cloud technology and content delivery networks (CDN).

We extend our support and commitment by offering Patient Educators a no-cost, in-hospital CCTV content license for 2+ years and/or the life of an active on-line license. This offers the staff to discover the eighty plus, 4-7 minute videos over a reasonable timeframe. The content is grouped in preoperative centers of excellence and postoperative discharge centers of care.

The integration of our Internet on-line libraries offers the opportunity to coordinate PreOp® procedures with respective PostCareTM care tasks at the home and the facility’s Intranet. On-demand handouts are available as part of the website “print” function.

MedSelfEd continues to forge relationships with healthcare facilities for content development. Our research in content publishing, takes us to new on-line networks and technologies offering our healthcare partners the best of in-hospital and on-line resources and patient experience.

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