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PreOp® Centers of Excellence

Created with the Boston Teaching Hospitals and Certified Medical Illustrators

PostCare™ Discharge Video Series

Created with the Boston Teaching Hospitals and Certified Medical Illustrators

Technology and Creative MedSelfEd, Inc. publishes the content that CMTv Productions creates.


Using your facility EMR or 3rd party portal applications, our content is available as videos, graphics, audio and text based patient education. Create video players with custom skins and playlists. Add to your website, YouTube channel and embed into your Facebook, Blog, other.

Pricing All PreOp® and PostCare™ content is streamed over the Akamai Secure Content Delivery

  • 200$

    PreOp® Centers of Excellence/per

    • Each PreOp® Center comes with respective PostCare™ Tasks
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    • 8 Centers to choose
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  • 300$

    PostCare™ Discharge Series

    • Complete PostCare™ Discharge Library of over 35 tasks and updates.
    • Easy integration
    • +35 video tasks
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  • 400$

    PreOp® Surgery Centers

    • Complete PreOp® Library of over 55 procedures and updates.
    • Easy integration
    • +55 video procedures
    • Monthly fee
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  • 550$

    PreOp® & PostCare™

    • PreOp® Library and PostCare™ Library of over 80 titles and updates.
    • Easy integration
    • +80 video procedures
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Video Production Services

CMTv video productions, servicing healthcare of 17 years.

Creative Services

CMTv Productions is a vital arm of MedSelfEd Publishing. CMTv is responsible for all the creative, production and encoding of our two libraries.

CMTv produces the Signature Series for those professionals with unique requirements in their surgical practice.

  • Professional Medical Writers
  • Certified Medical Illustrators
  • Award winning Graphic Artists
  • Award winning Video Editors
  • Cinematographers
  • Sound Designers

Our clients

Our Healthcare partners educate and engage their patients and their families with these same premium videos.