Assist with Tub Bath
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How Do You Assist with Giving Someone a Tub Bath?

The supplies you will need to have easily accessible in the bathroom include:

* Clean clothing
* skid-proof plastic bath mat
* 2 washcloths
* 2 towels
* soap
* shampoo
* plastic pitcher
* skin lotion
* comb and brush
* disposable gloves
* and a sealable plastic storage bag

Ensure that the bathroom is pleasantly warm, around 70. Place the skid-proof plastic bath mat in the tub and fill one-third of the tub with warm water. Test the temperature of the water with your hand.
Wash and carefully dry your hands.
Put on your disposable gloves.
Help your patient undress and place soiled clothing in the plastic bag in the laundry hamper.
Help your patient sit on the edge of the tub. If there is a grab bar on the back wall of the tub, have the patient hold it with one hand.
Swivel and lift both legs into the tub.
From the back, support your patient under both arms and help him slowly lower his body into the water.
Encourage your patient's independence and have him do as much of the washing as possible.
You may need to assist in such areas as the patient's back and to rinse off all soap with the shower extension or a pitcher.
If it's shampoo time and the patient cannot do it himself,
you can have him hold a dry, folded washcloth over his eyes to protect them.
Pour clean, warm water over the patient's head using a pitcher or a shower extension.
Rub in shampoo and massage the patient's head.
Rinse off the shampoo with clean warm water using a pitcher or a shower extension.
Dry the hair
If possible have the patient stand and help him dry his upper body. Otherwise, dry his upper body and arms with him sitting in the tub.
Let the water out of the tub.
With the towel over his upper body, help the patient sit on the edge of the tub.
Support the patient and help him swivel his legs over the edge of the tub. He can rest for a while, if need be.
Help dry the rest of the body, paying attention to under the arms and other skin creases and between the toes..
Apply body lotion to the skin and help the patient dress.
After making your patient comfortable, return to the bathroom, place soiled towels and washcloths in the laundry bag, clean the tub and mop the floor.
Remove your gloves, discard them into a plastic storage bag. Seal the bag and place it in the trash.
Carefully wash and dry your hands.

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