Bunion Removal Surgery
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What is Bunion Removal Surgery?

A bunion is caused when the metatarsal bone in the big toe gradually shifts towards the second toe.

This shift causes a bump at the inside of the big toe's first joint. As a bunion grows, it can lead to other painful foot problems, including hammertoes, calluses on the bottom of the foot and arch pain.

Bunions are largely hereditary, but they can effect anyone. Even a small instability in the bones of the big toe can trigger the growth of a bunion.

A bunion does not generally lead to other health problems, but left untreated it can eventually limit the ability to walk.

Luckily, bunions can be treated with a fairly simple surgical procedure.

So make sure that you ask your doctor to carefully explain the reasons behind this recommendation.

The surgical team will then make an incision over the bunion and the skin will be pulled back.

Below the skin is a membrane - or capsule - surrounding the MTP joint that connects the metatarsal bone to the rest of the big toe.

Another incision is made, opening the capsule and exposing the bone.

Your doctor will then cut or file away the bony and fibrous outgrowth at the joint.

After the bunion has been reduced, the surgical team will close the MTP joint capsule with stitches and the outer layer of the skin will be sutured closed as well.

Finally, a sterile dressing is applied.
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