Care and Drainage of a Leg Bag
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What's the Procedure for Care and Drainage of a Leg Bag?

The procedure to replace a bedside drainage with a leg bag to enable the patient to move about is as follows:
The equipment you will need to assemble includes:

* the leg bag,
* alcohol wipes,
* a cap for the drainage tube,
* paper towels,
* disposable gloves
* and a sealable plastic bag.

Take the equipment on a tray to the bedside.
Wash and dry your hands.
Put on disposable gloves.
Place a paper towel under the connection of the catheter to the drainage tube.
Disconnect the catheter from the drainage tubing.
Wipe the end of the drainage tubing with an alcohol wipe and discard it into the plastic bag.

Cap the end of the drainage tube and place it carefully on the bed so that it does not fall on the floor.
Remove the cap from the end of the leg bag connector.
Connect the leg bag to the catheter.
Strap the bag to the outside or front of the thigh so that there is no tension on the catheter connection. Check that the label "Top" on the leg bag is at the top. Discard the paper towel into the plastic bag.
Reverse the procedure when the patient returns to bed.
Take this opportunity to empty the bedside drainage bag into the toilet ...
... and wash and rinse the bag before returning it to the bedside.
Remove your gloves.

Discard them into the plastic bag.
Seal the bag and discard it into the trash.
Wash and carefully dry your hands.

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