The PostCare Urinary Video Series

Urinary Video Tasks

Care of Suprapubic Catheter

How Do You Take Care of a Suprapubic Catheter? During your surgery, a suprapubic catheter was inserted through your lower abdomen into your bladder. The catheter helps your bladder rest and heal. I...

Urinary Video Tasks

Closed Urinary Drainage System

Click here for Our PreOp Amazon Support Page What is a Closed Urinary Drainage System? A closed urinary drainage system consists of a catheter inserted into the urinary bladder and connected via tu...

Urinary Video Tasks

Recording Urine Output

How Do You Record Urine Output? Following surgery, you may have a suprapubic catheter or be on a program of intermittent self- catheterization as your bladder recovers from the effects of surgery. ...

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