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Minimal Surgery

Anti Reflux Laparoscopy Surgery

What is Anti-Reflux Laparoscopy Surgery? When you have acid reflux disease, the weakened muscle allows the contents of your stomach to back up into your esophagus, causing a considerable amount...

Minimal Surgery


What is a Colonoscopy? A Colonoscopy is a diagnostic procedure used by your doctor to inspect the inside of your rectum and colon. While it’s considered a surgical procedure, endoscopy does...

Minimal Surgery

Endoscopy – Upper GI

[ulpvideoevents pause=”VquI4kezYyHa4oIp” end=”VquI4kezYyHa4oIp”] [/ulpvideoevents] What is an Upper GI Endoscopy? An upper GI endoscopy is a diagnostic procedure used by your doctor to inspect the ...

Minimal Surgery

Hiatal Hernia – Laparoscopic

[ulpvideoevents pause=”VquI4kezYyHa4oIp” end=”VquI4kezYyHa4oIp”] [/ulpvideoevents] What is Hiatal Hernia Laparoscopic Surgery? Your diaphragm is a muscle that separates your chest from your abdomen...

Minimal Surgery

Laparoscopy Diagnostic

What is a Laparoscopy Diagnostic? Using the laparoscope’s video camera, the surgeon is able to explore and inspect the interior of the abdomen – often allowing the surgeon to see with greater detai...

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