Emptying a Urinary Drainage Bag

How Do You Empty a Urinary Drainage Bag? The drainage bag should be emptied at least daily, more often if it fills, in order to prevent infection in the system, reduce odors, and keep the system open and flowing.

Closed Urinary Drainage System

Click here for Our PreOp Amazon Support Page What is a Closed Urinary Drainage System? A closed urinary drainage system consists of a catheter inserted into the urinary bladder and connected via tubing to a drainage bag. The catheter is retained in the bladder by an inflated balloon. The drainage of urine is totally dependent on gravity. Therefore, tubing and … Read More

Care of Suprapubic Catheter

How Do You Take Care of a Suprapubic Catheter? During your surgery, a suprapubic catheter was inserted through your lower abdomen into your bladder. The catheter helps your bladder rest and heal. It is generally left in place for 2-4 weeks after the surgery. Each morning and night, the dressing is changed and the skin around the catheter cleaned. This … Read More

Wound Care

What is the Best Way to Care for a Wound? The equipment you will need to assemble includes:  2 pairs of clean disposable gloves, cleaning solution, small gauze pads for cleaning, large gauze pads for dressing the wound, adhesive tape, a large sealable plastic bag.

Getting Out of Bed After Abdominal Surgery

Tips for Getting Out of Bed After Abdominal or Chest Surgery For the first few days when you come home after surgery, it is always best to have a family member or friend help you to get out of bed. Do not get out of bed directly from lying flat. Always sit up in bed for a few minutes.

Assist with Feeding

How Do You Assist with Feeding? Sometimes after surgery, your patient may need help with feeding. Before serving the food: Make the environment as attractive as possible. Complete any toileting needs your patient has. Help your patient wash his hands. Make sure the patient has any dentures, glasses or hearing aids that are used.

Assist with Tub Bath

How Do You Assist with a Tub Bath? The tub bath supplies you will need to have easily accessible in the bathroom include: Clean clothing Skid-proof plastic bath mat 2 washcloths 2 towels Soap Shampoo Plastic pitcher Skin lotion Comb and brush Disposable gloves Sealable plastic storage bag

Using a Transfer Belt

Click here for Our PreOp Amazon Support Page How Do You Use a Transfer Belt? The key to safely helping a frail or weak patient out of bed is to use a transfer belt. This is a heavy canvas belt, 2 to 3 inches wide. It can be purchased at your surgical supply store.

Subcutaneous Injection

How Do You Give a Subcutaneous Injection? A subcutaneous injection is the method used to administer medication under the skin. A short needle is used to inject the drug into the tissue between the skin and the muscle.

Male Perineal Wash

How Do You Give a Male Perineal Wash? Once each day, or according to your doctor’s instructions, you will need to clean the urethral meatus – the opening where the catheter enters the body.